Whamisa, clean and ORGANIC Korean skincare routine that you should try !

27 December 2019
Korean skincare routine

Those who read my blog regularly, know that a few months ago I tested a Korean beauty brand with quite luxury skincare products. Nevertheless, I was a bit disappointed by their products because I found in the INCI list some ingredients that I prefer to not use for my skincare routine (ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or acné). In my case, this cosmetic caused an acne flare-up…


I tried best French natural makeup brand Zao-makeup, here is my review with photos

1 August 2019
maquillage naturel zao make-up

I’m a real partisan of natural organic skincare and makeup products. On my blog, you will find many articles about different French, German, American green brands. This time, I have tried different products from French organic makeup brand Zao Make-up. In this article, you can watch my makeup video that I published on Youtube with this palette and read my review on the Clin D’oeil N2 palette. Today,…