I tried best French natural makeup brand Zao-makeup, here is my review with photos

1 August 2019
maquillage naturel zao make-up

I’m a real partisan of natural organic skincare and makeup products. On my blog, you will find many articles about different French, German, American green brands. This time, I have tried different products from French organic makeup brand Zao Make-up. In this article, you can watch my makeup video that I published on Youtube with this palette and read my review on the Clin D’oeil N2 palette. Today, I have tested the different products for the complexion of the Zao Make-up brand and I find them sublime: of a very good quality and a perfect composition!

Natural organic Silk foundation from Zao Make-up

I tried a 100% natural liquide foundation from Zao Make-up, which does not dry the skin. Thanks to the oil of organic sweet almond and organic shea butter, it moisturizes skin. It has a purifying power as well as action against acne and blackheads thanks to the organic bamboo hydrosol. Organic jojoba oil moisturizes the skin and regulates the production of sebum on the oily skin. One point to note – the brand offers a wide choice of shades for its Silk Foundation – they range from very light to quite dark. Natural make-up enthusiasts know that there are not many brands that offer such a wide range of shades.

Natural organic Silk foundation from Zao Make-up

Natural organic Silk foundation from Zao Make-up

I was able to test 5 fairly light shades from Zao Make-up (see picture below). The one that suits me best is the number 711 Clear Sand. The foundation is sold in a small bottle with a very nice design. It is easy to use thanks to the pump bottle system. In addition, Zao Make-up offers refills for foundation which is less expensive then buying a completely new bottle.

Different shads of Zao makeup Silk liquide fondation

Different shads of Zao makeup Silk liquide fondation

What did I like about this foundation?

  • A wide choice of shades, including shades for very pale skin like mine.
  • A perfect composition!
  • Medium coverage, the foundation remains quite natural on the skin.
  • This foundation does not dry the skin
  • Possible to buy refills – more economical and ecological
  • 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin
  • 20% of ingredients are ORGANIC (ECOCERT certified)

What I don’t really like about it :

  • I think this foundation doesn’t last long enough. I apply it in the morning and in few hours it starts to slides off my face. Similarly, if I sweat, the foundation slides and as it is quite thick, it is really viseable.
  • It is a little difficult to spread it over the face because it has a bit thick consistence, which is good in a manner because it covers nicely imperfections and redness. The best thing to do is to mix it with a bit of moisturizer cream or few drops of oil. I wonder if the use of Zao Make-up’s organic light foundation could solve this problem ? Would like to try it !

How do I use Zao make-up Silk Fondation?

I advise you to mix a bit of foundation with a moisturizer cream or oil for easier application. This way, the foundation spreads better over the face. I apply it with a beauty blender. For the day, one layer is enough for my skin, I prefer better coverage for the evening and put two layers. I really like the texture of this foundation – some incolor powder on top and I have the skin of a porcelain doll!

Zao Make-Up Organic Concealer

It is perfect for masking small skin imperfections. At Zao Make-Up the corrector exists in several shades: from the lightest to the darkest but also a green one, to mask spots: the shades 491 and 494 will mask dark circles and imperfections, the 499 is made to mask redness on the skin.

Zao Make-Up Organic Concealer

Zao Make-Up Organic Concealer

I have only good feedback for this concealer:

  • It lasts long time
  • Does not dry the skin because it is quite oily (contains avocado)
  • Good coverage
  • Refills are available
  • A perfect composition, 100% natural and organic
inci makeup concealer

Liste Inci pour ZAO makeup concealer

You can find the complete description of the concealer here.

Compact Blush from Zao Make-up

I continue my make-up review with this blush from Zao Make-up. On the photo I use color 322.

Once the foundation is applied, I put on a little of blush. And this is a big crush for me, I am really in love with this blush! I need really a small quantity of the blush to get a perfect look! It is very pigmented and has a beautiful colour – plum pink 322, it fades very well with my brush and lasts a long time on cheeks. The composition is perfect, like all the other products of the brand. Packging could be improved though, I would have liked to have a small mirror on the box of this blush to be able to use it outside.

Compact Blush from Zao Make-up

Compact Blush from Zao Make-up

For 5 years, I had been addicted to Guerlain blush, which is quite expensive. From now on, I can’t do without this blush from Zao Make-up, which is cheaper and still great quality 🙂 It’s my new favorite product from Zao Make-up.

You can check all colors available for this blush here.

Mineral powder Silk invisible 500 Zao Make-up

It is a colourless powder that mattifies the face and fixes make-up. Invisible mineral silk contains corn starch, bamboo macerate and bamboo powder which are very rich in silica. Silica stimulates the collagen production process. Vegetable Squalane is an extract of olive oil that softens the skin and protects it from dehydration.

Mineral powder Silk invisible 500 Zao Make-up

Mineral powder Silk invisible 500 Zao Make-up

I put it as a final touch for my makeup. This product perfectly mattifies and hides imperfections even more. I think I’ll try Mineral Silk Bio coloured powders next time. At Zao Make-up, there are several shades available for this product.

What I really think about Zao Make-up makeup products

Overall, I was satisfied with Zao Make-up’s products. There are some big favorites, like blush and correction stick. For other products, small improvements could be proposed. For example, the thickness of the foundation could be reduced for faster application.

In the meantime, I suggest you to watch my makeup tutorial video with these products :

Have you ever tried Zao Make-up products?

A big thank you to Zao Make-up for allowing me discover these products.

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