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Is 30 minutes of sport a day enough to lose weight? Organic Basics discount code 10%

29 May 2020
vêtements sportifs Organic Basics

Do you love sports? I cannot live without sport ! I’ve been practicing lot of different sports since I was a kid. I’ve been practicing French boxing for several years in a boxing club in the Parisian region. This year, I participated in the boxing competition on Parisian region. Outside of boxing, and especially during this special quarantine period, I exercise at home everyday in order to stay in a good shape. I’ve always looked for comfortable clothes and quality equipment. Recently, I found Organic Basics sportswear which I present you in this article and share with you Organic Basics discount code below.

Why it’s important to exercise every day ?

I work out every day, but no more than 30-40 minutes a day. There are several reasons why you should exercise every day :

  1. Sport increases our metabolism, so we burn more calories by moving every day. 
  2. In addition, the muscles we gain through physical activity burn more calories even if our body rests. 
Why it's important to exercise every day ?
Why it’s important to exercise every day ?

On the other hand, it is scientifically proven that it is important not to overtrain the body. So you have to limit the time of your exercices to 30 or 40 minutes. I also take à break once a week, because our body and mind has to rest a bit. 

Is 30 minutes of sport a day enough to lose weight?

According to a Danish study, only 30 minutes of sport a day is enough to lose weight. Why 30 minutes is an optimal length for sports practice? By doing only 30 minutes of sport a day, we have more strength left for daily tasks like walking, climbing stairs, playing wirh our kids etc. As a result, overall, we spend more calories. Very intensive sport can exhauste our body, so we only will stay on the couch in front of the TV for the rest of the day. It’s like if we were living only for exercising!

Another reason why it is important to limit exercises to 30 minutes a day is because we need to eat less when we do less sport. The body burns fewer calories, so you are less hungry, you eat less. Of course, it is very important to eat only good food, but I will write about it in my next post.

Stress is our enemy as well. Too much of sport can cause stress to our body, which, in turn, will store more fat.

Is 30 minutes of sport a day enough to lose weight?
Is 30 minutes of sport a day enough to lose weight?

Conclusion: everything must be well dosed to increase the metabolism and stay healthy!

Now you know why it is worthwhile to practice sport every day and limit the time of physical activity to 30-40 minutes. Another important thing is to choose a suitable and comfortable outfit for your sports.

Organic Basics sportswear

I have already introduced you his beautiful Danish brand Organic Basics and their ecological and ethical clothing in my previous article. Today, I show you my Organic Basics sportswear. I have chosen them to practice my exercices at home.

Organic Basics discount code
Organic Basics Packaging

The packaging of Organic Basics is of course completely recyclable and ecological, it is made of cardboard. The design is minimalist, I like those kind of design.

Organic Basics Activewear Collection

The Activewear collection contains nice sport clothes. I found this set in Burgundy color in Activewear collection. It is perfect for practicing sports exercises like yoga or fitness. The fabric lets the body breathe and is very comfortable to wear.

Organic Basics discount code
Activewear Collection

The top supports the chest quite well during moderate exercise, such as yoga or home fitness. It is not suitable for jogging (at least not for large breasts). This Activewear top is very comfortable to wear, it does not crush the chest and lets the skin breathe. I love it !

For the bottom, you can choose either Yoga Shorts or leggings. The shorts are very suitable for exercise during the summer months, when it is hot. 

Organic Basics discount code
My Organic Basics sportswear from the Activewear Collection

The Organic Basics sportswear from the Activewear collection is available in three colours: Burgundy, Black or Sea Blue. 

Now, few words about the size. On my photos, I am wearing XS-S size available at Organic Basics. Apparently, it’s a size 6 in English.

You have also the possibility to choose packs of sportswear on the Organic Basics website. It includes top and bottom and the prices are discounted for the packs. Please find below all the links to the Organic Basics products:

The Activewear top

Active Yoga Shorts

Here is the link to the Active Yoga pack.

Organic Basics discount code

If you wish to buy the clothes on the Organic Basics website, I share with you my discount code for -10% on all their website : TANUSHOBC3

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